Cut My Knuckle Now It's Swollen »

15/12/2019 · Cut Finger led To Strange Bump Formation on Scar. both times I've had to cut my knuckle and one on the palm of my hand and after they healed is real tender and hurt like he was hitting. I now have a lump right on the knuckle and it's quite sore also find its getting hard to bend the finger without feeling it tight and. 13/04/2008 · A week ago I cut my finger, now its swollen&painful in spite of antibiotic cream. Should I call my doctor? I got a deep cut to my finger last week, working with clean plexiglass about 2-4mm deep, 15mm long, 2-3mm wide, along the left side at the last knuckle on my index finger, where the nerve bundles run. 29/05/2012 · Cut my finger and now it's swollen:? I skinned my first & middle finger on the coffee machine at work on Thursday from my bottom knuckle to my nail. My first finger isn't too bad, by my middle finger kind of is:.

What causes swollen knuckles? Traumatic injury: The knuckle joints are a very common site of injury in people who regularly engage in fist fights. The knuckle joint can get abnormally twisted, resulting in a sprain in its ligaments or the fracture of the joint, especially when hitting a hard object. Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast!

Hi there, i have done something similar and cant bend my finger its very worrying. i grinded the top of my knuckle, went threw a tendon and into the knuckle bone. the cut is still healing after three weeks i cant make a fist my finger is sticking out extended and every time i knock it and it bends its. Why would my finger swelled up after i poked it with a knife?. I poked my finger with a pin and now its swollen, warm and hurting. what can I do? I poked my finger with a pin and now its swollen, warm and hurting. what can I do. What does it mean when the top of my thumb is numb? I cut my thumb and now its numb will it get? 09/10/2010 · A few days ago I cut my finger on a sharp knife. It was my right pinky and it was cut directly on the second midesction from the top; the first one after it joints with the palm. The wound has healed well enough, but now I'm having some serious problems bending my finger. It's not so much that it's painful, but that it's impossible.

23/09/2010 · it cut my finger, but not all the way through the skin. it didnt hit the joint and it didnt bleed very much for a finger wound. Anyway, it didnt need any special care, just a bandaid after the bleeding stopped. its fully healed, and is just a small line of a scar across the side of my knuckle. 01/12/2019 · My finger was super swollen and pulling the ring any closer to my knuckle made my finger turn purple in just a second. But I sprayed lysol on my finger and I would pull the ring a bit then spray some more and kept alternating. Once it got past my knuckle it was off. Thank God for this site! I would never have thought of using a cleaner like that. I noticed that there was a red line between my swollen knuckle and my wrist, following the line of the tendon. It was hot and tender to the touch. Late morning of September 5th 2011 ^ I noticed that the red line had now gone past my wrist and was snaking its way up my arm. It was very warm to the touch. I started to get a bit worried about it.

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